Cavatore, Mario

Cavatore Mario al Festivaletteratura 2004 ©Festivaletteratura
Mario Cavatore ha abbandonato gli studi a 15 anni, dopo la morte del padre. Un'adolescenza inquieta l'ha condotto a conoscere dall'interno il mondo dei nomadi. È stato operaio, elettrotecnico, tecnico del suono, speaker, animatore radiofonico e artigiano. Esordiente assoluto all' età di 56 anni, "Il seminatore" è il suo primo romanzo.
Mario Cavatore was born in Cuneo in 1946. His restless adolescence led him to find out from within what the nomads' world was like. He was a factory worker, electrical engineer, sound technician, radio presenter and entertainer and artisan. "Il seminatore was his first novel". An absolute beginner at his tender age of 56, he would not be able to explain how he was capable of writing a book and finding a publisher of the Einaudi's calibre quite happy to publish it. Those wishing to look for some clues in his previous life giving away his talent as a writer would be bitterly disappointed, since he had only written a few short articles on local newspapers (generally about musical reviews or ordinary politics) and nothing more. Also, his education is not what one would expect of a writer: he gave up his studies at 15 after his father died. The only clue that could point to his involvement in the literary world was his passion for novels. Yet, his passion for great literature does not justify the fact that he decided to be a writer, on the contrary he should have known better. But he could not resist the temptation: the beautiful story appeared to him as if in a dream, ready to be told by him as if it were his duty, a vow to take.


"Il seminatore", Einaudi, 2004
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